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The R+C Road Book

One of my current photographic projects, documents and celebrates one residential community located just inside of Colchester's Town Wall, also known as, the Roman Wall.

The project was formed when I was asked by my university to complete a photographic project which related to the town wall in Colchester as part of my degree studies.

Since starting the project I have and am continuing to develop a body of photographic work which I will look to self-publish as a book, next year.

About the book....

Lockdown has undoubtedly been a different experience for everyone, with some finding it harder than others. One thing is for certain though, our community, whether virtual, physical, or over the mobile phone looking through a double glazed window, has become increasingly more important to us.

For The R+C Road Book, I have spent time capturing and conversing over the community spirit as well as the individual lives within the community.

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